Shift Supervisor (Tank Farm)


Shift Supervisor (Tank Farm)

Job Description

Managerial Responsibilities:

1. Participate in identifying and executing improvement opportunities and action plans based on actual performance.

  1. Manage and oversee the day-to-day work performed by all direct reports. Manage the budget allocation for the Section on an on-going basis.
  2. Perform periodic performance appraisals for direct reports
  3. Ensure the performance of various assigned responsibilities and the conduct of the staff is in accordance with YASREF’s policies and procedures.
  4. Optimize the use of available resources in carrying out the assigned responsibilities and ensure timely completion according to set standards.
  5. Identify the competencies and knowledge required for direct reports to perform their assigned responsibilities, and develop appropriate training plans to enhance performance.
  6. Implement relevant business and operating plan objectives and control the Section/Unit budget.
  7. Cascade YASREF’s operational priorities including profitability, reliability, safety & environmental requirements to all direct reports and support them in executing the daily activities in line with these priorities.Functional Responsibilities:                                                                    1. Ensure day-to-day work is performed effectively, efficiently, and safely in order to increase refinery profit, enhance plant reliability/integrity, and promote safety & compliance to environmental standards.2. Supervise all production activities and ensure product quality and adherence to Operating Instructions. 3. Supervise the plant operations and equipment according to daily operating instructions and procedures. 4.Ensure that facility operating parameters are within acceptable limits. 5. Supervise critical operational activities such as start-ups and shutdowns, and provide technical guidance to DCS and Field Operators. 6.Implement corrective actions to mitigate operational shutdowns in accordance with the relevant policies and instructions. 7.Carryout regular field inspections within the area to ensure that safety and hygiene policies and procedures are adhered to. 8.Issue work permits and ensure that the plant’s manpower resources are sufficient for meeting operational targets.
  1. Resolve system and equipment malfunctions proactively and in a cost effective manner.
  2. Participate in risk assessment studies (such as Job Safety Analysis) as requested by direct supervisor.
  3. Ensure the implementation of all safety, environmental and health protection policies and procedures.
  4. Perform other job-related duties as requested by the Foreman and Shift Superintendent.




  1. Manufacturing Management
  2. Process & Associated Facilities Operation and Procedures
  3. Safety Operational Management System
  4. Operational and Interface Management
  5. SAP for Operational Requirements
  6. Process DCS use and application
  7. Operational On-Job-Training (OJT) and Development programs
  8. Refinery Product Planning
  9. Inspection, Testing and Reporting
  10. Technical Standards and Regulations
  11. Quality Management


Two (2) year Diploma in relevant field and completion of intermediate English courses. Certification