Senior Operator Vacancy


Senior Operator

Job Purpose


Execute field and control room operational activities in a safe and efficient manner to operate the process unit within specified parameters and manufacture products to specifications.


Key Accountabilities


  • Perform operational activities to support the efficient receipt and preparation of feed stocks for the process units.
  • Perform routine field activities to support the achievement of production targets.
  • Perform operational field and control room activities during Start-Up, Shut-Down and process upsets to minimize plant disruption
  • Control the process unit within specified parameters to manufacture products and provide utilities as per specifications.
  • Monitor the process unit and take action (as incidents arise) to minimize environmental impact.
  • Provide requisite training and mentoring for assigned junior operators to support completion of ‘Task and Skill’ modules and enhance the technical competence of Operations personnel
  • Prepare equipment, work-site, permits and gas tests etc. to support efficient execution of maintenance activities
  • Execute operational activities during SD/TA to support plant and equipment reliability.
  • Execute Basic Equipment care activities during the shift to support equipment reliability
  • Ensure the business processes and work activities, relevant to position, are executed in compliance with SASREF policy, procedures and best practice to achieve the business objectives in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner.
  • Lead, motivate, develop and assess the assigned team to achieve business objectives and grow capability.

Workplace (WPS) and Process (PSM) Safety:

  • Ensure that measures to protect personal safety and well-being are always in place and that personal actions do not jeopardize the safety and well-being of others.
  • Adhere strictly to all IOWs, Safe Operating Procedures, and Safe Work Instructions – thus preventing potential WPS and PSM incidents at all times.
  • Always comply with the SASREF HSE Policy, the 5 Safety Principles and 12 Golden Safety Rules.
  • Performance Indicators:
  • No personal injury or injury to a third party.
  • No WPS or PSM incident caused.

    Qualifications & Experience

  • Diploma in chemical engineering technology or equivalent.
  • 10 Years of refinery experience in a range of process units and areas.


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