Senior Electrical Technician JOB

Senior Electrical Technician

Job purpose :
Undertake the preventive, corrective maintenance and testing of a variety of electrical equipment and systems, in accordance with company safety and electrical procedures and standards, and provide work direction to technicians. Able to produce/review and update work procedures.
Budget (Extra Ordinary Opex):
No. of Subordinates: 7
Budget: As per DOA


Principal Accountabilities:.
a) Draft work orders and obtain work permits, together with wiring plans and diagrams from Supervisor, evaluate jobs and determine materials, equipment, transportation or other essentials required. Isolation/De-Isolation of electrical equipment on specific instruction after taking the necessary certification.
b) Assists Technicians in their work, by examining individual components or circuits to identify faults, carrying out various electrical tests, providing technical instructions and inspecting completed repair work to ensure functional operation of appliances.
c) Carry out preventive/routine and corrective maintenance including overhauling work on a wide variety of electrical equipment as instructed, and in accordance with the schedules and work priority.
d) Produce preventive/corrective electrical procedures adhering to the HSE regulations.
e) Issue comprehensive daily activity reports outlining the cause of the fault, the nature of the work and the materials, labor and time taken to complete the task.
f) Carry out and check that all electrical installation and maintenance work is performed in accordance with regulations, ensuring that the installation of fuses, circuit breakers and other safety devices comply with safety regulations, and that all systems and appliances are properly earthed.
g) Strictly observe Company Electrical Procedures. Fire and HSE regulations ensuring areas are clearly marked and sealed off, and the appropriate safety and work permits have been obtained before commencing work.
h) Liaise with Supervisor and Production to obtain authority to re-energize once work is complete.
i) Advises the Supervisor of required spares, materials and tools, and prepare requisitions as necessary, propose alternatives in case of shortage.
j) Participate in reviewing technical projects/modification documents and raise concerns as required.
k) Provide training, guidance, and coaching to newly employed UAE nationals to achieve high level of competency and timely integration.
Work Contacts:
Regular contacts at own or next higher level in own department, and at own level in other departments, to advise on work progress.
Independence of Operations and Decision-making Authority:
Works in accordance with verbal instructions, established procedures and electrical trade standards. If unsure refers to the appropriate manuals or supervisor. Work is subject to spot check. Is involved in trouble shooting and major shutdown jobs.

Physical Effort:
Approximately 60% of the work time is spent in hands-on work related to Electrical maintenance and Troubleshooting jobs.

Work Environment:
Approximately 70% of the working time is spent exposed to prevailing weather conditions and Plant environment. The remainder is spent in an air-conditioned environment, or transportation.
Minimum Requirements:
 Completion of secondary technical education (12 years), with electrical background or electrical  Diploma.
 5 to 7 Years experience in Electrical installation and repair work, preferably in large oil and petrochemical operation, including 2 years in a Senior Technician position.
 Good working knowledge of MS Windows and MS Office programs
 Fluent in English language, both written and verbal with high communication


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