September 20, 2022

Rig Mechanic offshore

Job Description

WTS Energy is seeking to hire Rig Mechanic for one of its client who is a reouted Oil Rig services company.

Location: Doha, Qatar

Duration: 3 months

Oil rig mechanic performs daily prophylactic support checks to assure equipment is running within proper limitations

·        Troubleshoot mechanical failure for root-cause and repairs required

·        engines and power generators

·        Hydraulic and pneumatic mechanisms

·        Electrical and electronic systems and technologies

·        Specific equipment for the oil rigs (draw-works, top drives, mud pumps, moving systems, etc.)

·        Document all work which is performed on work orders and entry into MP2 program everyday

·        Support critical spare parts inventory and initiate purchases orders for all kinds of parts and equipment as required

·        Sets up and manage power, air and hand instruments to do and repair parts

·        Train Motor men to properly support equipment and perform small repairs as necessary

·        Keep clear communication with the other oil rig crew members, relief and supervisor

·        Follow DDI policies and procedures

·        Perform other duties which are assigned

Core Competencies

·        Obligation to Excellence – the oil rig mechanic identifies what needs to be made and takes action to accomplish a standard of excellence beyond job expectations.

·        Company Values- the rig mechanic understands, embraces, and integrates the hiring company’s mission, vision and core values into everyday duties and responsibilities.

·        Customer Services – oil rig mechanic identifies and responds to current and future needs of the client by securing good service to internal and external clients.

·        Teamwork – resourceful team player which builds, strengthens, and supports collaborative relationships with others crew members of the oil rig platform inside or outside the organization.

·        Safety and Security – rig mechanic promotes a safe work environment for co-workers and customers.


  • Usually required 5 years of related experience or equivalent combination of education and similar kind of experience
  • Oil Rig Experience