July 22, 2022

Rig Chief Mechanic JOB




“TRS is looking for an experienced Rig Chief Mechanic with drill ship or semisub Offshore experience within Oil and Gas Industry to join our international client’s project team based in Asia.”


– Responsible for the operation, maintenance and repair of all mechanical equipment on the rig and in the camp, and for managing the mechanics team. Service quality, job preparation, planning and safety are key priorities in this role. The position reports to the Rig Manager.
– Complies fully with all QHSE requirements, policies and standards, and wears required personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times.
– Perform routine maintenance controls of the mechanic equipments and devices of the rig.
– Provides for preventive, routine and non-routine maintenance and for repairs of internalcombustion engines, pumps, compressors and drilling related equipment of rig.
– Instruct all personnel assigned to him of their duties, their responsibilities and the necessary safety precautions prior to start up of any work.
– Ensure that no mechanical work that requires a “work permit” or mechanical/electrical isolation isstarted until a proper investigation has been carried out and approvals have been given in writing.
– Promptly report all accidents, near-miss accidents and non-conformances job.
– Ensure that personnel under his supervision possess the necessary qualifications and experience to properly carry out the work assigned to them from a professional as well as a safety point ofview.
– Attends and promote the safety meetings and have special safety meetings with his mechanic crew whenever necessary.
– Attends all the safety drills held onboard.
– Be familiar with all relevant work and safety procedures issued by Client and by the Operator,and promote the implementation of same.
– Ensure that his subordinates use compulsory protective equipment and are safety minded in their day to day work.
– Be familiar with all the classification society’s and the authorities rules and regulation applicable to his area of responsibility.
– Ensures that before maintenance activity is started, a proper risk evaluation is carried out precautions have been taken and “Work Permit” has been signed, in case of need.
– Familiarize himself with reporting routines regarding the AMOS based maintenance system onboard.


– Offshore Drillship/Semi Submersible experience required.
– Industrial Mechanics certificate or equivalent.
– Minimum 8 years’ field experience with similar equipment onshore or offshore, preferably on an oil well drilling rig.
– Shall have a good knowledge of mechanical parts of the rig and equipment, in particular with drilling equipment.
– Experience in Jack up units.
– Training referred to the assignment and in accordance to the requirements of Oil & Gas Industry to work offshore (OPITO).


Salary:250 USD per day
Rotation: 28/28
Working days/hours: 7 days per 12 hrs per day/5 days a week
Overtime rate: The payment of overtime is included in the daily salary rate. No additional payment for overtime
Accommodation: Provided
Insurance D&D: Provided
Life Insurance: Provided
Medical Insurance: Medical Coverage Provided
Income Protection: Provided
Travel: Prepaid Economy class ticket at beginning, end of CNT and for each work leave rotation cycle


Tanya De Bruyn