September 18, 2022

Production Technician UAE JOB


Production Technician

1. Job purpose & Scope:
Handling of data gathering requirements to monitor the reservoir behavior. Updating the each string parameters. Assist field teams in preparation for the daily activities.
2. Dimensions:
2.1  – Budget (Operating / Capital):
2.2  – No. of Subordinates: Other: As per DOA
3. Principal Accountabilities:
a.) Updating Form No 18 (daily log )24 hrs Figure, Oil, Water & Gas injection/Gas lift and forward the  report to FP T/L, Production supervisor, UZ SM, CP T/L.
b.) Arranging & distribute materials for the field personnel as per their daily program schedule.
c.) Update closed strings, check and record the pressure, and Temperature. Reporting changes to Production supervisor if any.
d.) Follow up of W/L IT PFO or FT for PBU or BHFG from FCC
e.) Confirm the flow test result from FCC, if it is not matching inform Supervisor
f.) Taken care of the WHPT cleaning machines (WAP machines).
g.) Create work request in Maximo.
h.) Update WIMS in “U” drive.
i.) Collection from FCC daily exception data and prepare to send to all the concerned including UZ-FD-RESP.
j.) Update daily field production report.
k.) Update in “U” drive FCC action for Low gas flaring whenever production level is reduced to the minimum.
l.) Daily plotting of Oil, Water & Gas injection pressures & temperatures for more than 800 strings. If any discrepancy found, it is brought to Supervisor’s notice.
m.) Updating of Flow Test Report carried out by FCC, LDT & AL JIRNAAS in all of the field areas.
n.) Sending special, normal oil samples to AUH GSS Lab in batches for monthly oil sampling, Special oil sampling, GBT pressurized oil sampling and PVT.
o.) Typing & distribution of Daily PRD field program & Field Transportation preparation for the next following day.
p.) Miscellaneous jobs as instructed by Supervisors.
q.) Equipment updating & distribution (Nitrogen, Hydraulic Oil & Chemical stock etc.)
r.) Daily field area activities follow up.
s.) Distribution  permit copies for HSE & FCC and filing of permit on following days
t.) WHPT status , Hydraulic Oil, Chem. Status updating on daily basis
u.) End of the day distribute Exceptions & Field daily program & Booking
v.) Prepares Monthly report at the end of each month.
w.) Updates Oil & Water Potential and availability at the end of each month.


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