September 18, 2022

Production Supervisor Petrofac job


Production Supervisor

1. Job Purpose & Scope:

Multi discipline job to supervise and coordinate general support activities comprises personnel administration, traffic/logistics, public relation and catering to ensure a satisfactory level of service to operations and personnel on Satah / Arzanah.

2. Dimensions:
2.1 – Budget (Operating / Capital):
2.2 –  No. of Subordinates:
2 Administration /Traffic Officers
2 Radio Operators
51Catering personnel
9 Gardening personnel
4 Pest controllers

Other: As per DOA

3. Principal Accountabilities:
a) Supervise the activities of Administration and ensure that the administration jobs are implemented systematically.
b) Daily contacts with different departments in Abu Dhabi (HRA/HRR/HRC/MD).  Follow-up and solve HR and MD issues for ZADCO/Contractors employees on the Island.
c) Manage and act as Satah HRA. Update all activities in the HRMS System for records and attendance,   mission orders, personal files, training enrollment, leave and unpaid leave.
d) Follow up monthly report in the system, update rotation leave for all personnel, when required, which include educational and other allowances.
e) Preparation of annual budget and ensure purchase of approved material/equipment, as required.
f) Liaison with HR, LG, PR, CM and daily contacts with Police and Army as part of Public relations functions.
g) Attending VIP’s and other visitors at site, orientation and other facility requirements.
h) Follow-up of vehicles registration and security passes with LG/Traffic and HRA. Ensure that all vehicles are inspected and documents are renewed in time.
i) Prepare budget for vehicles replacement, issue purchase requisitions and follow-up with CM/AUH .
j) Supervise catering operation and ensure that catering activities are implemented as per the contractual agreement.  Supervise daily, weekly and special occasion menus and programs in coordination with the Catering Contractor.

k) Inspect food containers supplied by Contractor, revise and ensure that all goods and material received are up to standard.
l) Process Catering invoices, endorse and revise back charge items and daily boarder for invoice purpose at the end of each month.
m) Manage and prepare requisition for Kitchen equipment, recreation materials, furniture and bedding.  Prepare other related forms such as MAMV, SCAD’s etc.
n) Monitor all facilities in housing, inspection of employees rooms and make sure that cleaning is hygienically maintained and properly arranged.
o) Prepare and participate in Scope of Work for new contracts prior to tendering and involve in assessment of technical evaluation.
p) Weekly and monthly auditing of kitchen, restaurant, stores and ensure strict implementation of hygiene in food preparation, facilities cleaning and stock items in dry stores.
q) Supervise recreational facilities and make sure that necessary equipment/materials are available and safe for use for recreation activities.  Act as coordinator and supervises all recreational events.
r) Supervise the logistic activities and coordinate with LG/Traffic, Zirku/Traffic and Abu Dhabi Aviation for flight movement.
s) Supervise Island gardening contract and coordinate with Gardening supervisor.  Coordinate with contractor for follow-up of Scope of work as per terms and conditions.
t) Follow-up and supervise Gardening daily work, irrigation, plantation, applying insecticide and maintain the greenery on the island at high level and standard.
u) Follow-up and supervise pest control daily work, elimination of rodents, pets and other insects on the island.  Applying pesticide and rat traps and keeping a record of hazardous area for further control.
v) Follow-up near miss reports related to Administration section.
w) Implement and follow-up waste management process as per HSE procedure, proper segregation of Municipal waste.
x) Manage duties in a safe, professional and efficient manner, complying with HSE requirements related to all job activities, familiarize and maintain proper and continuous knowledge of company’s HSE procedures, rules and regulations and abide by them at all times

4. Organizational Relationships (Work Contacts):
Has daily contact with all levels of employees on Site.

5. Independence of Operations and Decision–making Authority:
Works independently in accordance with established Company regulations, policies and procedures.  Require supervision from Vice President – SA.  Work accomplishment is subject to review and approval.

6. Supervisory Responsibilities:
02 Administration / Traffic Officers
02 Radio Operators
41 Catering personnel
09 Gardening personnel
02 Pest controllers.

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