September 18, 2022

Post E&I Supervisor JOB

Job Description

Post: E&I Supervisor

Location UAE

1 year extendable contract

Single status

80% in the field, will be supervising the Foreman, hands on and will get the job done – Must understand piping and how it works. Background should be plants / Industrial projects

  • Reporting to the E&I Construction Co-ordinator for the delivery of all Electrical construction deliverables
  • Ensure deliver of work scope as defined within the construction workpacks against agreed milestones and construction delivery targets, in line with the integrated activity plan (IAP)
  • Liaise closely with other GPS Supervisors and Co-ordinators with regard to ongoing work activities.
  • Attend constructability and construction readiness reviews where required.
  • Ensure Daily Work Activities are recorded, permits are in place and all parties are aware of next day’s workscopes.
  • Identify and raise change / growth requests at an early stage during construction phase.
  • Organise and lead site workforce providing clear direction and guidance
  • Ensure workforce are fully aware of all planned work scopes within the 90 day plan
  • Ensure sufficient competent labour is mobilised and allocated to the planned work scopes
  • Ensure materials, plant and equipment are available and mobilised in line with the construction work packs
  • Ensure correct levels of resource mobilisation and make resources available
  • Ensure work scopes are implemented within the controls of the ISSOW system
  • Raise permits in accordance with the construction plan
  • Allocate competent people to perform all activities including subcontract and vendor work scopes
  • Review and report against the weekly productivity & progress report. Preparation and issue of the weekly report for E & I work scopes to site, project and contract management
  • Shall take into account all aspects of the “Health and Safety at Work etc. Act (1974)”
  • Knowledge of, compliance with and promotion of office, site and contract / project health and safety guidelines and procedures
  • Comply with the Companies Safety Management System
  • Take into account all relevant procedures, guidance etc. relating to the work, which will ensure compliance with companies Safety Management System
  • Shall ensure all personnel working under their direction are aware of the requirements placed upon them by “Health and Safety at Work etc. Act (1974)” and the companies Safety Management System