September 21, 2022

Octane Mechanic job



Octane Mechanic

Job Purpose

Provides preventive and breakdown maintenance for the Octane Engines including periodic overhauling and carbon blasting.


Key Responsibilities

  1. Inspects and monitors the performance of the octane engines on a daily basis to ensure they are ‘fit-for-purpose.
  2. Performs the overhauling of the octane engines to ensure engines are in good condition and available at any minute testing.
  3. Performs carbon blasting of the engines to narrow the testing tolerance and ensure that it is not exceeded, and hence to generate accurate data.
  4. Temperature tune engines to ensure compliance with CFR test methodology.
  5. Coordinates the replacement of the empty reference solvents drums at the solvent manifold to ensure the availability of these solvents for testing.
  6. Performs the octane testing of the gasoline components and finished products during product blending and loading to ensure that the released products meet the desire quality.
  7. Carries out regular calibration of three Jet Fuel MSEP analysers to ensure that the obtained MSEP results are reliable.
  8. Handles the testing and reports preparation of the IP Motor Gasoline Cross Check Program samples on monthly basis to ensure that the octane testing is under control.
  9. Develops statistical Process Control Charts for each of the 4 CFR engines to monitor their performance and to assist in the identification of any operational malfunctions.




Key Qualifications

  1. BSc degree in Chemistry / Physics – an aptitude for precision mechanical engineering is required.
  2. 5 years experience in the operation and maintenance of CFR motor and research octane engines.
  3. Thorough with MON & RON test methods and the hazards involved with the solvents and materials used.
  4. English proficiency and thorough understand of test methodology and procedure writing


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