Maintenance Foreman I JOB


Maintenance Foreman I

Job Description

1. Ensure day-to-day work is performed effectively, efficiently, and safely in order to increase refinery profit, enhance plant reliability/integrity, and promote safety & compliance to environmental standards.

2. Lead multi-maintenance crafts.

3. Lead Maintenance team in pre-commissioning & commissioning.

4. Develop and recommend equipment alterations and layouts.

5. Develop and improve work methods/procedures to optimize work completion cycle time and ensure high efficiency and cost effectiveness.

6. Ensure that craft work is in compliance with the applicable safety, environmental and engineering standards.

7. Collaborate with Maintenance Engineers, Maintenance Foreman, Operating counterparts, and operations personnel to prioritize and schedule maintenance jobs and assign manpower accordingly as well as define and order required material.

8. Ensure that equipment history data base is maintained.

9. Provide the necessary support to the respective OME team member before/after daily meetings to ensure high level of safety performance and comply with health, safety and environmental standards.

10. Perform other job-related duties as assigned by the Maintenance Area Manager.


1. Technical Data Management

2. Maintenance Methods and Equipment

3. SAP Maintenance Application Knowledge

4. Maintenance Resources Management

5. Safety Measures and Standards

6. Refinery Product Planning

7. Product Development

8. Inspection, Testing and Reporting

9. Technical Standards and Regulations

10. Quality Management


Associate degree in engineering or equivalent

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