September 18, 2022

Fire Fighter D Emergency Responses JOB


Job purpose
Provides Firefighting Services at Duqm , under Deputy Chief Fire Officer’s, scope and direct supervision of Leader Firefighter as in-house expert and mentor on fire practices., policies and procedures at Duqm ; through (1) Ensure correct deployment and inspection of firefighting equipment to ensure reliability and response readiness (2) Reporting any remedial steps to ensure optimal efficiency and readiness in case of multiple fire incidents, (3) being able to operate fire trucks by implementing strategies independent of Fire Team Leader, and (4) act as Team Leader in event of Deputy Chief Fire Officer absence; in order to ensure correct deployment and inspection of firefighting equipment to guarantee reliability and response readiness

The position will act in accordance with the Group’s Mission, Vision, Values & Strategies, as well as, policies, guidelines and international standards, supported by an IT Technology platform, HSE standards, Omani’s government & other legal justification’s, and best international practices in consonance with national objectives.

Main tasks and responsibilities
 Follow the day-to-day operations related to own jobs in the Fire Services department to ensure continuity of work
 Participate in firefighting drills, practice sessions and lectures to maintain physical fitness for fire fighting
 Stand by at fire station responding to fire calls, supervise fire fighter to man fire hoses and operating ladders to ensure alert and responsive action in times of crisis
 Monitor and ensure that firefighting equipment are functional and being maintained by reviewing maintenance reports and supervising third party maintenance tasks.
 Conduct periodic (weekly fire alarm & fire pump test, daily communication system test etc.) observations from the purview of maintenance and ensuring operational readiness.
 Coordinate and if required, deliver firefighting training sessions for new recruits, both company and contractor’s staff, and Training sessions e.g. stand by attendant in order to educate new and old staff on the basics of fire emergency preparedness, guidelines, rules and procedures.
 Undertake safety surveillance in all work areas to ensure proper implementation of and compliance with all company safety procedures, precautions and rules etc.; monitor the implementation of the work permit system within the company.
 Conduct regular site inspections to ensure and identify any potential fire hazards that could jeopardize safety of plant and employees.
 Mentor and coach fire team members in responsibilities, expectancies and proactive measures.
 Operates independently with minimal supervision all types of fire equipment under his command to implement firefighting strategies.
 Operate radio/telephone equipment and send, receive and record messages to keep control room team updated on fire site status.
 Mentor and coach fire fighters to control and extinguish fires at site and limit damage to Duqm’s facilities
 Provide victims with basic life support in case of emergencies until the arrival of the company medical team/ ambulance.
 Assess fire equipment performance during emergencies against performance standards (liters per minute, Bar, etc).
 Monitors and reports to Team leader and other management personnel the progress with emergency measures.
 Monitors and reports on safe and efficient deployment and task progress by fire personnel.
 Conduct preliminary investigations of incidents occurring in company locations e.g. fire damage, root of incident, in order to understand the broad detail of the incident.
 To contribute to the identification of opportunities for continuous improvement of section systems, processes and practices taking into account ‘international best practice’, improvement of business processes, cost reduction and productivity improvement.

Notable Working Conditions. Field Operations and office environment, Moderate to intensive computer screen use.
Education requirements Minimum Qualifications for this position is Diploma in a Fire and Safety Discipline.
Language requirements Excellent knowledge of written, read, and spoken English (required) | Arabic – Native (desirable)

Background and experience Competencies and skills
• Relevant experience in similar role within the Oil and Gas industry preferable in Refinery, Petrochemical and Petroleum processes.
• Fundamentals of Health, Safety, Social and environment – Comprehensive knowledge of occupational health & safety. Detailed understanding of general industry standards and the requirements of the more frequently referenced standards. Includes solid knowledge of fundamental health and safety concepts such as hazard and risk assessment, personal protective equipment, behavior-based safety, machine/ equipment safety, confined space entry,
• Deep knowledge of basic health and safety concepts such as hazard and risk assessment, personal protective equipment, Root cause analysis, behavior-based safety, machine/ equipment safety, confined space entry among others.
• Knowledge of HSSE Management System
• Certification in CPR and Basic Life Support and Advanced First Aid.
• Emergency response plan experience. • Detail knowledge of fire Apparatus handling, deployment and implementing firefighting strategies
• Knowledge of Petrochemical Firefighting tactics and strategies.
• Broad understanding of loss control theory and loss prevention techniques.
• Exposure to all fire and safety equipment’s used in a refinery or petrochemicals
• Has to hold a valid certificate in all of these courses according to Association of Fire Chiefs:
• Fire Fighter I and II
• First Aid and Basic Life Support
• Industrial Fire Fighter
• HAZMAT Operations
• Rope Rescue
• Confined Space Rescue
• Fire Inspector
• Fire Instructor
• Fire Officer I
• Proficiency in M/S Office
• Skill in fire apparatus technical specifications, operation and control procedures and methodologies

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