Job description
This is an opportunity for you to be in the field to operate the plant in a safe and optimal manner.

Your main duties will be:-

– Ensures all personnel adhere to a high standard of Safety under the PTW system and is responsible for all jobs on the Plant (Cold, Hot …)
– Conducts of Tool Box Talks on daily basis for jobs on the Plant
– Conducts of Job Safety Analysis in case of job to be carried out with potential hazards
– Communicates and informs CR about job progress and, if need be, about any problem encountered
– Acts as “On scene” Operator in case of emergency
– Performs a Plant inspection (Checking of any leak, Safety – Equipment checks, checking of rotating equipment condition …)
– Takes Field Parameters Readings (DCS, Separators …)
– Checks Chemical pumps, adjusting dosing rates and chemical filling
– Performs jobs as per Control Room requirements including the re-setting of valves for restarting after a shutdown
– Assists Maintenance Team for Mechanical Isolations / De-isolation, CO² System Isolation / De-isolation

Ideally you will have a Technical Diploma or Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering or equivalent with a minimum of 5 years of experience in a crude oil refinery. You will have at least 10 years’ of experience in a similar position and ideally previous experience in the GCC.

You will have proven experience in one or more of the following: Fuel Gas System; DHT Flare; HCR Flare; Under Ground System; Steam System; Cooling Water System; Nitrogen / Air System; Water System; Flare System; Fire Water System; Waste Water Treatment (WWT); Ecocene Topping Unit related; De-Isopentanizer (DIP); De-Isobutanizer (DIB); and IC5 Merox.

It is desirable, you will also have knowledge of: Interconnecting Pipeways – ICP Tie-ins; Crude; NG; Desal; Fresh a Coordination; and Acid Gas Flare.

You will have a good level of computer literacy and be proficient in Microsoft Office. You will need excellent communication and presentation skills in English both written and verbal in English.




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