Engineer I – Commissioning JOB

Engineer I – Commissioning


1.    Scope of Responsibilities
Operate as part of a team of engineers in carrying out Pre-commissioning/Commissioning and Start-Up activities and provide the necessary technical information for Pre-commissioning/Commissioning/Start-Up within the budgeted man-hour and project schedules.
2.    Primary Duties
  Identify requirements and scope of work, review specifications, drawings and other documents of the project and establish applicability to the scope of work.
  Keep technically updated through the study of related technical literature including procedures and guidelines.
  Provide necessary inputs to commissioning proposals at the bidding stage.
  Be continually present on the field to guarantee the quality and progress of the work.
  Ability to perform Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and toll box talk to executing the activities.
  Ability to complete reports and check sheets, receive client’s supervisor approval/signature and submit to the turnover team for uploading in CMS.
  Ability to organize and execute Pre-commissioning/Commissioning activities and provide detailed report to senior engineer.
  Attend daily meeting with Commissioning coordinator and team leaders to update the progress and receive daily reports.
  Regularly contact with discipline engineers and supervisors for solving problems related to project execution work safely.
  Ability to lead team of supervisors and technicians to execute the work.
  Perform any other related duties and responsibilities as and when directed by the Supervisor.
2.1 Process:
  Ability to identify design failures and / or discrepancies.
  Ability to perform various activities related to pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up of process systems such as chemical cleaning, leak testing, catalyst loading, steam blowing, package unit start-up and operation, inerting, plant start-up operation & stabilization.
  Ability to inspect all systems for operational readiness.
  Attend and provide input at P&ID review, HAZOP & HAZID review.
  Ability to produce plans and specific method statements including P&ID mark ups for activities related to pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up of process systems.
  Ability to conduct P&ID line walks, equipment internals inspections and vendor packages readiness for Commissioning and Operation.
2.2 Mechanical:
  Ability to produce project specific procedures, Preservation & Maintenance check sheets, matrix and schedules.
  Ability to find out technical problems associated with rotating/static equipment and mechanical packages/valves are identified and resolved or coordinated with the respective vendor.
  Ability to preserve and maintain rotating equipment after equipment commissioning and start-up.
  Ability to perform various activities related to rotating equipment likes lube oil flushing, alignment, lubrication, vibration checks, start-up etc.
  Ability to perform various activities related to static equipment likes proper installation of internal inside the vessels as per drawing & specifications.
  Ability to perform various activities such as mechanical interlock, pipeline pigging activities, spring support, hot & cold setting.
  Ability to perform air blowing, flushing, leak testing, flange management, drying & inerting of various piping.
2.3 Electrical:
  Ability to provide detailed testing report and relevant documentation on testing completed.
  Ability to organized and perform electrical commissioning activities, SAT, energisation and functional testing.
  Ability to work and testing on SMCC (Supervisory Monitoring Control Center) , HV/LV Switching board, protection relay, MCC.
  Ability to work on heavy transformers energisation and testing.
  Familiar with SCADA system
  Familiar using electrical document: Single line diagram, Equipment layout, schematic / logic diagrams, load list schedule, relay setting document , earthing/ lighting protection layout, cable schedule.
  Experience with field electrical equipment: motors, Local control station, heat tracing, heaters,
  Ensure that all PPE , PTW , HSE requirements are adhered to when at worksite
  Identify test equipment required to complete testing at worksite and ensure all testing equipment are in safe operating condition prior use.
2.4 Instruments:
  Ability to provide detailed testing report and relevant documentation on testing completed.
  Ability to organized and perform instrument commissioning activities, SAT/ Loop test, functional test.
  Ability to work on control system  such as advance process control ( APC) , distributed control system ( DCS), Programmable   logic controllers ( PLC’s), Emergency Shut Down system ( ESD).
  Familiar with control strategy and control theory (PI/PID/Cascade/Split range control/ alarm managements/ etc…)
  Familiar using instrumentation document: Control Narratives, Cause and Effect chart diagram, P&ID, Loop diagrams, logic block diagram.
  Ensure that all PPE , PTW , HSE requirements are adhered to when at worksite
  Ability to prepare, write suitable and comprehensive testing procedure when required.
3.    Job/Cost Impact

Responsible for the detailed pre-commissioning/commissioning work, coordinates between Discipline engineers and sub-contractor team, acts as interface with other disciplines. Cost/Delivery impact situations are reviewed by Supervisors.

4.    Decision Making Authority

Decisions limited to the commissioning of the plant and equipment consults with Commissioning Coordinator or Sr. Commissioning Engineers on technical issues and specifications.

5.    Supervisory Responsibility


6.    Work Contacts

Commissioning Managers                                           Frequent
Sr. Commissioning Coordinators                                 Frequent
Sr. Commissioning Engineer                                       Frequent
Client Commissioning Manager                                   When Required
Project Control Manager                                              Frequent
HSE Engineers                                                            Frequent
Other Discipline Engineers                                          When Required
Sub-Contract Engineers                                              When Required
Construction Supervisor/Superintendent Lead            When Required

7.    Duties mainly performed on Projects sites locations.
8.    Minimum Requirement

Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering with a minimum of 10 years’ experience in Oil & Gas industry.



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