Drilling Supervisor Geological Supervisor Well Service Supervisor JOBS



We are opening 3 postions in Iraq

【Drilling Supervisor】
1. More than twelve (12) years’ experience in drilling, including minimum 5 years as drilling supervisor role.
2. Have the experience of rig inspection.

【Geological Supervisor】
1. More than fifteen (15) years’ experience in wellsite geological supervision.
2. Essential knowledge of geo-hazardous (Overpressure, H2S, CO2 and bitumen) in drilled formations.
3. Ability to advise the drilling operations and in interpreting the drilling/gas/geological parameters during drilling, auditing and validating mudlogging services.

【Well Service Supervisor】
1. More than eight (8) years’ experience in well service and have supervised to complete.
2. Ability to manage routine well service operation, and fill out the daily well service report and write down well service operation instruction for each operation section.

All above positions require experience in Middle East, especially in Iraq. Annual Salary range: 80K-85K USD.

Apply by emailing CV to resume@clickonsz.com


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